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Mission & Vision



Our mission is to provide the absolute highest commitment towards supporting and facilitating education in an inclusive

homeschool learning community.

Mosaic Pathways devotes our energy to support each child's emotional system to discover their interests and

capability and move towards authentic learning, guided by their heart towards a love for learning. When we know ourselves through self-love, grace, and truth, belonging is ours.


Community. Connection. Collaboration.

It is every person’s right to feel connected, safe to be authentic, and heard. It is our vision to build a community where individuality is embraced and supported through connection and collaboration.

We are uniquely individual, yet all connected. Mosaic Pathways is a spectrum of steppingstones creating pathways, growing in strength, and rooted in love to illustrate diversity, connection, community, collaboration, choice, guidance, support, and a solid foundation. Learning in an inclusive community is like a work of art composed of individual elements that create a whole embodiment. When viewed up close, there is an element of individuality with each intricate piece, which contribute purpose to the whole picture. 

Foundation of Learning

Our guiding principles use a natural learning approach for students to be authentic in self-directed learning, embrace diversity, and discover personal interests through freedom of choice and exploration. Education ought to feel like a process of self-discoveryStudent choice is honored. We model patience, kindness, and respect.

We value learning that is guided by experience, opportunity, discussion, creativity, imagination, play, nature, and interest to ignite enthusiasm for learning while developing respect and understanding of self, peers, community members, and our environment.

Support and guidance is individualized. For some, they may be in a burnout phase where a recovery model is required. For others, a self-directed learning model fits their profile.


Many Parts. One purpose.

Natural learning is similar to the way a mosaic comes together. Many components contribute to a student’s growth as a whole. The outcome of a nurtured and supported student is one who lives with joy, autonomy, and purpose.

Every living thing is fulfilled when it follows the path for its own individuality.

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