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Mission & Vision



Our mission is to provide the absolute highest commitment to inclusively support and educate all learners in an inclusive homeschool learning community.


Mosaic Pathways values the gifts each individual presents through their authentic selves. When we believe in ourselves through self-love and acceptance, true belonging is ours, especially in the presence of those who are different.


We envision our private education community to be located on farm property utilizing therapeutic horses, gardens and habitats, greenhouses, and pathways leading to spaces for learning and play. Eco friendly, sustainable, and small multi-age classrooms providing safe spaces to create, connect, collaborate, and build community. 

Foundation of Learning

Our guiding principles use a natural learning approach for students to connect with their heart to develop a love of learning and embrace diversity while discovering personal interests through freedom of choice and exploration.

We trust the pathways students choose along their journeys to achieve their fullest potential. We value learning that is guided by quality literature, creativity, imagination, play, the arts, nature, and community projects to ignite enthusiasm for learning while developing respect and understanding of peers, community members, and the environment. Such experiences provide the means of self-discovery, self-expression, self-confidence, belonging, and enjoyment of lifelong learning. 

Community. Connection. Collaboration.


Many Parts. One purpose.

Natural learning is similar to the way a mosaic comes together. Many components contribute to a student’s growth as a whole. The outcome is a student who enjoys the process of learning, achieves personal growth and development, and finds meaning and purpose to their life.

Every living thing is fulfilled when it follows the path for its own individuality.

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