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An Essential
Life Skill


Every student deserves access to their preferred methods of communication.

Every student is unique and communicates using a variety of modalities.

There is no one right way to communicate.

Why is Communication so Important?

Communication is so valuable that every student, regardless of ability, will benefit from instruction to continue building skills throughout their educational career. Our goal is for every student to be reliable, fluent, autonomous, and natural in their communication through methods that the individual chooses and finds effective. Multiple methods inform our practices which draw on communication strategies from a variety of different sources.

Communication, regulation, and presuming competence leads to autonomy, independence and inclusion.

  • Communication enables us to connect with others and develop important relationships.

  • Access to communication is a human right. Every person has the right to communicate with others through any means that best suits their needs and abilities. Denying access to communication is a violation of a civil right.

  • It can be a matter of safety! Communication decreases the potential of victimization and lessens the discrepancy between people with disabilities and people without disabilities.

Spelling as Communication 
Using Letterboards & Keyboards 

Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC)

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