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Inclusive Learning

Supporting Students in Grades 1 - 8
Big Tree


Mosaic Pathways is a private education association, an inclusive homeschool learning center supporting and facilitating natural and experiential learning opportunities in a flexible, differentiated, and unconventional environment. Our community supports students and families through the process of deschooling, co-regulating nervous systems, building safe connections, communication, auditory processing, social skills, and attention to underlying needs. Students are guided to explore, create, collaborate, and discover strengths and interests to become the best version of theirselves. Healthy human development is one of the most important aspects of education.

Students who demonstrate readiness for engaging in academics, we focus on a strength-based model with an emphasis on natural learning through a self-directed holistic model. Curiosity, independence of mind, respect for others and our environment, and community are nurtured and valued. 


Our students learn in small group, multi-age, and mixed skill-level classrooms. In age-mixed play, the younger children are learning new skills, and more advanced ways of thinking, through their observations of and interactions with those more experienced and more capable. At the same time, the older children acquire leadership and nurturing skills, and a sense of their own maturity, through interaction with the younger ones.


Children need free time to learn how to get along with others, develop friendships, explore, get bored and overcome boredom, discover interests that may come and go, and immerse themselves in activities that engage their passions. They need space to grow, free from adults planning and dictating, to discover and pursue their own interests. A great amount of learning, growing, feeling, and experiencing happens in free play. Play helps us to develop a sense of self, belonging, and community; learn to communicate better, problem-solve, argue, and respect one another’s ideas; and find ways to fit our ideas within a community of conflicting and overlapping needs.


Giving children the opportunity to learn for themselves, through curiosity and questioning, allows them to feel capable and responsible for their own learning. Students begin to understand how much and what kind of structure works best for them. 


Education is personal. We recognize each child is on a unique path of growth. Guidance and support are customized towards individual needs. The direction of learning starts from within, and leads outward. 



Inclusion makes the world more vibrant.

We all have things to learn and we all have something to teach. Mosaic Pathways believes in the importance of belonging and work to cultivate an environment where all minds and souls are not just included, but feel seen and valued for who they are.


Research shows that movement and time spent outdoors can improve attention, decrease stress, increase happiness, and strengthen connections in the brain. Even without the many studies on the benefits of nature, we can all speak to the power in a breath of fresh air, the sun on our face, and the wonders of a hike.

Nature presents opportunities to experience

the natural world through all the senses. It aids in sensory and emotional regulation, wellness, curiosity and wonder, nurturing ourselves, each other, our planet, and so much more.

Heart-Mind Connection

Learning through wonder

 ignites imagination

Imagination is ~

the thinking of the heart

What matters isn't found on a page. That which is found on the white spaces between the words is what matters. Aspects that remain unseen hold more

value than what is seen.

Deep learning occurs when the heart is touched by emotion and connects to the mind.

Outdoor Time_edited.jpg
Outdoor Time Supports:
Gross Motor
Healthy Eating
Cognitive Development
Academic Performance
Symptoms of ADHD

We put the hearts back into education

to express unique individuality.

Materials are available for creative expression. Displaying visual art allows access to enjoy through the heart. Our eyes become the thing we gaze upon. Images are long lasting, so we choose images to impress on the heart. We offer tastes of classical music that equalizes and restores our mental, emotional, and physical selves. Harmony and melody holds vibrational benefits which affect our moods too. 


Literature written with purposeful worthy thoughts and inspiring tales of life is offered during read aloud or audio books allowing students to discover, make connections, and explore new interests.

Listening to and reading different styles of writing (i.e., poetry, fairy tales, short stories, songs, history, biographies, nature, science, etc.,) may ignite the heart and creative side, offering new perspectives, use of language, writing styles, journaling, or illustration.

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