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PDA Mentor


Mosaic Pathways is a community of autonomous learners, exploring individual strengths, interests, and values in an environment that is flexible, differentiated, and unconventional. Our model is based on building connections and offering opportunities to learn through a natural process. Curiosity, independence of mind, and building connections are nurtured and valued. 


Individuals with emotional and sensory dysregulation, unique neurology, anxiety, and stress are often misunderstood. Being placed into a system of conformity negatively impacts their mental and emotional systems. Conformity is debilitating and inhibits their wellbeing. Every child deserves to have their purpose seen, heard, and met. Mosaic Pathways provides a supportive safe environment where emotional and sensory systems, regulation, and connections can be nourished.

AUTISM with PDA Profile

Individuals with PDA is best understood as an anxiety-driven need to be in control and avoid other people's demands and expectations.

A PDA profile of autism means that individuals share autistic characteristics …

  • currently defined as “persistent difficulties with social communication and social interaction” and “restricted patterns of behavior, activities or interests” that “limits and impairs everyday functioning” 

  • often including a different sensory experience in relation to sight, smell, taste, touch, hearing, vestibular, proprioception and interoception.

  • have a need for control which is often anxiety related

  • are driven to avoid everyday demands and expectations (including things that they want to do or enjoy) to an extreme extent

  • tend to use approaches that are ‘social in nature’ in order to avoid demands

  • tend not to respond to conventional parenting, teaching or support approaches


Have an instinctive ability to:

  • connect with children (8-14 years old)

  • sustain a safe, trusting, and co-regulating friendship

  • be flexible

  • be a creative thinker, imaginative

  • game (Roblox)

  • be comfortable in role play and pretend 

  • open and caring

  • responsible


Please consider volunteering to mentor a student in need of safe connections.

In commUNITY, we can make a difference!

If you feel called to mentor a student, please fill out the form below.

~ In CommUnity, 

Mosaic Pathways

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