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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?

Mosaic Pathways is a small community with a big heart. We are an unincorporated nonprofit, private education association offering educational services for children who are homeschooled or may be considering a homeschooling option. Mosaic Pathways is an organization based on nature to nurture, guided by care and respect. As a private education association, our membership includes staff, families, and students. By choice, parents can play an active role on our Board, volunteer in the classroom, help develop our program, or engage on a committee. We are a drop off/pick up learning center so parents can have their time to work and self-care time as needed.

Mosaic Pathways values each child’s independence of mind, nurture respectful relationships, and empower students to develop into their full potential and feel a sense of belonging in their community. We offer a non-traditional approach fostering whole child learning. Instead of being focused on memorization of information, we hope to ignite imagination through the sense of wonder to develop a love for learning.

What does learning look like? 

Our students learn in a small group multi-age and mixed skill-level classroom with a teacher/guide and a classroom support staff. Learning is individualized based on where the student is at. Supports are incorporated into the program as needed (multimodal communication, sensory, co-regulation, social skills, emotional wellness, etc.). Learning also naturally occurs during free time, play, exploration, curiosity, questioning, discussion, interaction with materials, literature, projects, and pursuing interests through a self-directed model.

Are you a private registered school?

Mosaic Pathways is legally established as a Private Education Association (PEA). We chose to be independent from government education. Therefore, we do not registered ourselves as a school through the government education system. Families choose the homeschool option so they can be free from government education.  

Do you take attendance?

While attendance is important, we do not mandate a number of days in attendance like government education does. When a child is not available physically, mentally, or emotionally to learn and participate in an education environment, then a stay home day is needed.

How is my child's progress of learning documented?

We assess a child's learning progress using observation, informal assessments (anecdotal records, checklists) and compilation of a portfolio. Testing is personal, based on the child's learning style. If a student prefers worksheets, standardized testing may work well, which can be administered by your school district, or a private tester for about $50. Parents can also order online Achievement Tests (timed or untimed), like the Seton or CAT tests. If a child does better with hands-on project based learning, then a portfolio is a better option, which we provide to our students. 

My child requires 1:1 support. Is this provided?

If your child requires 1:1 support for any reason: medical, behavioral, safety, etc., it will be the responsibility of the family to provide the appropriate support.

What are the instructional days & hours?

Mosaic Pathways meets from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm on Monday thru Friday with flexible days to allow for family time, learning out in the community, appointments, therapy, nurturing, and self-careWe are in session from September to June with time off for holidays and vacations.

Where are we located? 

Our private learning center is located in Bon Air, Chesterfield County, Va.

What is the tuition?

Enrollment fee: $200 (non-refundable)

Tuition: 9-month school year (September - May); with optional summer school

   5 days/week: $14,00annual

   4 days/week: $12,000 annual

   3 days/week: $10,00annual 

*For new students: First month trial, followed by a signed contract for monthly payments for the remainder of the year.

Not finding an answer?

Don't worry! Please reach out to us.

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