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Through the Heart of Natural Learning



Mosaic Pathways is an inclusive homeschool community for all unique learners to engage in natural and experiential exploration. Learning without barriers supports the needs of both families and students. We embrace all types of learners while specializing in communication, motor, and sensory differences.

About Us

We are educators, co-regulators, communication partners, AAC practitioners, natural play therapists, integrationists (sensory, motor, energy...all of it!).  

Our guiding principles use a natural learning approach for students to connect with their inner self to develop a love of learning and embrace diversity while discovering personal interests through freedom of choice and exploration.

Support & Services

Students with sensory, motor, communication, and other learning differences (Autism, Apraxia, Anxiety, ADHD, Down Syndrome, and others) require innovative approaches to help support communication, interoception, regulation, social-emotional, participation, and access to academics. 

 A student’s differences isn't the barrier to their learning...


Is your child misunderstood? Demonstrating anxiety and stress from long hours in overstimulated environments with expected behavior charts?

Mosaic Pathways rethinks education for our future leaders. Nuturing through natural learning builds inner balance to discover self-awareness and authenticity in a self-empowering environment.


The Central and Peripheral Nervous System requires individualized loving support to bring balance within, as no two individuals are alike. Through co-regulation, interoception, and sensory friendly learning environments, students receive integration, regulation, and motor planning support.


In addition to providing access to

multimodal communication, we offer individual sessions to teach communication using a letter board (a form of Assistive Technology) that supports expressive communication  for individuals who are non-speaking or unreliably speaking.   

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  Communication is our MISSION

        Community is our VISION

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