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Through the heart of Natural Learning

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Transforming Education. You Can Be a Part of It!

Mosaic Pathways is a community of learners naturally exploring their authenticity through individual strengths, interests, and values in an environment that is flexible, differentiated, and unconventional. Our model is based on building connections and offering opportunities to explore through a natural learning process. Curiosity, independence of mind, respect for others and our environment, and building connections are nurtured and valued.

About Us

We are educators, co-regulators, and co-creators supporting students in their physical, mental, social, emotional, and academic development. We meet the student where they are, without pressure, building safety and honoring time for deschooling and recovery as needed.

Our guiding principles use a natural learning approach in a safe neurodiversity

- affirming space, supporting the nervous system, while honoring freedom of choice and exploration.

Education and Supports

The number of students requiring emotional support is on the rise. Our kids continue to be subjected to societal conditioning and experiencing compliance based models of learning through production and performance in traditional education settings. Young children are experiencing burnout without having the freedom to be who they are and without the opportunity to learn and develop through play, imagination, creativity, and being connected in presence with their hearts. Homeschooling is on the rise.

Conformity and manipulation (i.e., expectations, rules, behavior interventions, demands, etc.) instead of embracing authenticity, diverse learning styles, neurodiversity, and unique sensory nervous systems puts us into separation, exclusion, and having mental health conditions.

 A student’s differences isn't the barrier to their learning...


Is your child bored, stressed, or misunderstood? Are you experiencing school refusal or complaints of stomach pain? Your child may be anxious 

from pressure to conform, lacking social skills, or have a sensitive nervous system.

Mosaic Pathways supports our students from within, building a sense of safety as they explore and learn. Nurturing through natural learning builds inner balance, authenticity, and self-empowerment to discover self-awareness, interests, and automomy in a safe co-creative environment.


The Nervous System requires individualized loving support to bring balance within, as no two individuals are alike. Through co-regulation, interoception, and sensory friendly learning environments, students can integrate, regulate, and feel emotionally safe in order for their heart, mind, and body to work together.


Multi modal communication is a holistic, inclusive approach to communication which values student preference.

Mosaic Pathways embraces nonviolent communication and listening of the heart to support social learning challenges, including being in silent present moment awareness.

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Education is our MISSION

Community is our VISION

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