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Through the Heart of Natural Learning

Open for Enrollment ~ Fall 2023 - 2024!

Transforming Education. You Can Be a Part of It!

Mosaic Pathways embraces an inclusive community of learners, for all abilities, dissolving the "regular Ed and special Ed" mindset. Students engage in natural, experiential exploration of self-discovery, through a strength-based model. Curiosity, independence of mind, compassion, and community are nurtured and valued. Students are individually supported for developing into their full potential for creating a future that belongs to them.

About Us

We are educators, communication partners, AAC/text-based practitioners, co-regulation partners, co-creators, natural play therapists, integrationists (sensory, motor, energy)...all of it!

Our guiding principles use a natural learning approach, allowing students to connect with their inner self to develop a love of learning and embrace diversity while discovering personal interests through freedom of choice and exploration.

Supports & Services

The number of students requiring educational supports is on the rise. Our public education system continues to condition and manipulate our kids through rewards for following expected behaviors instead of understanding the nervous system, sensory system, and unique neurology. A student shouldn't have to be identified in order to receive appropriate instruction and supports. Even when a student is identified through public education, it does not always result in quality programs or collaborative school teams. 

 A student’s differences isn't the barrier to their learning...


Is your child bored, stressed, or misunderstood? Are "expected behavior charts" used in their educational setting? If so, consider an alternative mindset.

Mosaic Pathways honors and values all learners, supporting and preparing our new generation of kids to know their inner gifts. Nurturing through natural learning builds inner balance, authenticity, and self-empowerment to discover passions, self-awareness, interests, and automomy in a safe co-creative environment.


The Nervous System requires individualized loving support to bring balance within, as no two individuals are alike. Through co-regulation, interoception, and sensory friendly learning environments, students can integrate, regulate, and feel emotionally safe in order for their heart, mind, and body to work together.


Multi modal communication is a holistic way of looking at communication. We consider all forms of communication, value everyone’s communication preference, and educate communication partners about each person’s communication methods.

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Education is our MISSION

Community is our VISION

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