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Mosaic Pathways LOGO:

A colorful spectrum of stepping stones creating pathways, growing in strength, and rooted in love to illustrate:



Guidance & Support

What is a MOSAIC?

A mosaic is a work of art composed of individual elements that create a whole embodiment. When viewed up close, there is an element of individuality with each intricate piece, which contributes purpose to the whole picture. Learning in an inclusive community isn't all that different.

What are PATHWAYS?

Mosaic Pathways refers to:

Educational experiences in various settings that gives the learner choice and empowerment to construct their own path instead of following a specific pre-determined path by a system.

Learning Pathways:

Natural Pathways:

Everything is interconnected. Through daily experience of our relationship to the natural world, we come to know our

own true nature.

Every living thing is fulfilled when it follows the right path for its own individuality.

Neural Pathways:

A series of connected neurons sending signals from one part of the brain to another. Neural pathways can be created and strengthened through repetition and practice. Like a physical pathway on the ground, if you stay on the same route, it becomes a habit. 

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