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Sponsor a Student

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Mosaic Pathways, a nonprofit private education association, operates as

an unincorporated faith based association that is not financed through

local, state, or federal education funds. 


Please consider sponsoring a student in need.

In commUNITY, we can make a difference!

Our Inclusive Education model provides diverse individualized supports for all types of learners. To assist families of low socio-economic status, who otherwise could not access our program, Mosaic Pathways offers student sponsorship to provide families the opportunity to have their child access reliable supports and grade level academics aligned to their strengths and interests. Sponsors are connected with their sponsored student and family, which may lead to Mosaics' vision of community, connection, and collaboration. The sponsor will receive updates on how the student is progressing in a nurturing environment of understanding and embracing individuality.

     $  2,500 sponsorship covers 25% of tuition.

     $  5,000 sponsorship covers 50% of tuition.

  $10,000 sponsorship provides full tuition.

If you feel called to sponsor a student in need, please fill out the form below.

~ In CommUnity, Mosaic Pathways

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Interested Sponsorship:

We are grateful for your interest!

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