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Part-Time Job Opportunities! 

32 Hours/week, 10-month position;
and 2-week su
mmer camp

Thank you for your interest in Mosaic Pathways!

Our faculty and staff are an integral part of our collaborative learning community.

Mosaic Pathways emphasizes collaboration and recognizes the gifts that each child brings to the group. Our approach is one that recognizes the whole child, focusing on social and emotional learning and relationships as the necessary foundations for education. We seek individuals who value mindfulness, are in connection with their heart space, aligned with a unique natural learning “Reggio-inspired, Montessori-motivated, and wishfully-Waldorf” teaching philosophy, committed to teaching spirited, independently-minded, and diverse children, have a willingness to improve your teaching practices, integrate anti-bias teaching and learning into your classroom, have flexibility, a balanced level of energy, and a sense of humor. 

The ideal candidate understands child development, connects with quirkiness and creativity, is passionate about progressive approaches to learning and teaching, and embraces a hands-on, project-based, and nature-based philosophy. Teachers here are patient and willing to allow learning - social, emotional, and academic - to unfold in unique ways for each individual child, at their own pace. Mosaic Pathways promotes curiosity and independence across a wide range of students and their families. We guide students to ask questions and explore answers through curiosity, observation, exploration, and thinking. Rather than administering tests, we provide opportunities for students to explore, research, create, problem-solve, and demonstrate understanding through individualized strengths - displays, art, writingpresentations, etc.. Classrooms are open to parental/family involvement and contributions.

This is an exciting opportunity to join a private education association in

an inclusive, progressive, nurturing academic environment.

Open and Potential Positions

To Apply:

Mosaic Pathways is accepting applications from qualified candidates. Interested candidates should submit their application materials to Please be prepared to submit a cover letter, resume, and references.

Excited about this opportunity, but don't meet every single requirement listed in the job description? At Mosaic Pathways, we emphasize diversity, inclusion, open minds, and compassionate hearts over any experience or credentials. Even if you do not meet every qualification, we encourage you to apply and see if you would be a great fit for our growing community!

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