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Family Education & Support

Journey with AAC's

Autism, Awareness, Connection, Communication and Competence
Are you feeling alone in your journey?
Is the education system teaching grade level academics? 
Is ABA therapy a good fit for your child?
Why is your child reactive?
What does your child need?
What do YOU need?

We are here to listen, share and educate. 

One of the most valuable resources available are the nonspeaking autistic community who use spelling to write about their experiences and express their individuality, talents and vast knowledge. (You can view our list of favorite published books and blogs written by nonspeaking autistics on resources page.) Through our professional experiences, we have learned and continue to learn, from our students, clients and nonspeaking self-advocates, writers and bloggers. By sharing what we know, families will learn valuable information in order to best support their children. It takes an invested community to create an environment that will lovingly support your child(ren). We, as teachers, cannot do it alone. As a parent, YOU are the game changer. You are your child's greatest advocate, teacher and role model.

We planted seeds for The Mosaic Center and one of the seeds to sprout is the creation of a family education and support group - Journey with AAC’s. We want to share what we have learned along our journey through an 8 week virtual meetup, guided by a structured learning format with a Q & A discussion. During our time together, you will gain awareness as we discuss connection, communication, presuming competence, language, movement differences, sensory modulation, dys-regulation, academics and therapies.


For questions, please contact us through the website.


Thank you!

Tammy & Lynn-Ellin

See below for upcoming dates of our next virtual meet up. 

Mosaic's near future plans are creating a new education model

based on nonspeaking self-advocate's visions.

Stay Tuned!

Connecting and Educating Parents 

Bridging connection with the non speaking autism community to ensure

understanding and awareness of communication, sensory and neurological differences.

We honor where you are. 

We hope to earn your trust.

We learn from one anther.

We listen with open hearts.

Come participate in our next
Journey with AAC's virtual meet up.
8 weeks of taking steps towards connection, communication, learning and expanding!
$120 or Donation Based as needed
Wednesdays      April 14 - June 2, 2021      7:00-8:00 pm 
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